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Israel and the Prophecies of The Holy Quran

In his book 'Israel and the Prophecies of The Holy Quran' Akbar Ali states:

"Our Prophet (peace be upon him) informed his followers that when the time comes and they hear that Dajjal exists, that they must recite the first ten verses and the last ten verses of Surah al-Kahf (The Cave)..."

He further elaborates on the reason for the above instructions of the blessed Prophet:

"The reason why the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) advised his followers to read these twenty verses of the Qur'an was because these verses speak of the Christian misbeliefs, and, therefore, there is not the least doubt that the tribulation of Dajjal means the tribulation of the Christian nations or the materialistic civilization, with which we are faced in the present age. And the name of Antichrist given to it is due to the fact that it is opposed to the true teachings of Jesus Christ, who never taught the doctrine of sonship, and neither did he teach the doctrine of atonement. The Holy Qur'an gives a clear warning against such a belief."

Akbar Ali after quoting the Hadith in al-Bukhari:

"When Dajjal appears, his complexion will be white and his right eye will be blind, while the left eye will shine like a bright star."

makes the following observation:

"First of all, generally speaking, the European nations are the only ones with white complexions. And the mention that the right eye would be blind does not mean physical blindness but spiritual blindness with no thought of life beyond the grave, and the [covetous] left [sinister] eye shining like a bright star means that they would discover all kinds of earthly treasures, comfort and luxury to such an extent that their spiritual life would be completely neglected by them. Our Prophet said on occasions that man's right side was heaven and the left side hell. Therefore the brightness of the left eye stands for love of life and luxury which will divert man from the right path and take him to hell. The Holy Qur'an makes the point quite clear when it tells us in the following words:

'Whoever is blind in this world will be blind in the Hereafter.'" (Surah 17, Al-Isra', ayah 72)

Akbar Ali also warns Muslims about blind belief and reciting Qur'an without understanding:

"Some Muslims believe that if they recite the Quranic verses relating to Dajjal and he hears it, he (Dajjal) will run away from them in fear. But I do not think that any sensible person would ever believe that the mere recitation of the Holy Qur'an could turn anyone away in fear. This is simply another of the ancient superstitions which, sad to say, still exist today. The real sense in this belief lies in the fact that their meaning should be understood, for only by understanding the meaning of them can Dajjal be identified, and, with this knowledge and understanding, man can protect himself from the corrupt and misguiding influence of (The Great Liar) Dajjal (the Anti-Christ), such as the belief in the sonship of the Prophet Jesus..."

It is clear that the first ten verses and the last ten verses of Surah al-Kahf must be recited with full understanding in order to be saved form the mischief and tribulations of Anti-Christ.

Whilist Gog and Magog are mentioned twice in the blessed Quran, the Dajjal has no direct mention. This is extraordinary, given the assertion of the blessed prophet (peace be upon him), that there is no more significant matter between the creation of Adam and the last hour than the Dajjal.

People reading or listening to traditional descriptions of Dajjal, the anti-Christ, may be forgiven for considering him to be a character of fiction. He is of an enormous size, travels at the speed of the clouds blown by the wind on a donkey, the distance between his ears being 40 arm spans, the deep sea only reaches up to his ankle, he has with him a mountain of bread and rivers, and works amazing miracles. He has been around since the prophet's days, tied in iron chains on an island in the sea which is populated by spies. When he is let loose, time will become short and the ground will shrink.

This myth of a giant, however, is probably the reason that so many ahadith about him survived to the present day. Acquainted with the workings of modern technology, we are able to appreciate that the abilities of this superhuman creature are due to the technology at his disposal. To people before us, anybody accomplishing such tasks, must have been a magical being. Our unforgivable mistake is, that we love to hold on to the magic like a fairy tale from childhood which we can't let go of.

In reality Dajjal represent a system of belief or disbelief, clearly visible to anybody as such, be he literate or not implying that this Dajjal is alive and kicking amongst us and is no longer tied down. He is one-eyed, materialistic, deprived of spirituality, his promised paradise is hell and his hell is paradise, and he is followed by an army of Jews, women and bedouins. He controls the resources of the world through his interest banking system, and has indeed mountains of bread, and people will suffer hunger unless they follow him. Whilst the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would have argued with him on our behalf, were he still around, now everybody will have to argue with him on his own behalf.

Yet, Dajjal, the system, is not sufficient an explanation for all the descriptions given of him in the prophetic traditions. Many of them speak of Dajjal as an ordinary, short man of Jewish extraction (like Ibn Sayyad), with curly and coarse hair and a beak of a nose, and biting teeth. He commands armies and, ultimately, he will be slain. Dajjal the person is the leader who will ultimately lead the forces of evil on this earth, the system of Dajjal. He belongs to the one-world government of the brutish ruler of the empire succeeding the Romans, he will desire Madinah, but it will be out of reach for him. He will land at a place near Madinah, to the east, which could well be Kuwait, but he will be diverted north, to the region of al-Sham, that is Syria, (or possibly Iraq?) where he will be destroyed. He will emerge after fierce battles As-Sufyani (the Brute) will have with the Muslims, marked by hitherto unknown destructiveness. The fight will be over mountains of (black) gold near the Euphrates. The Muslims will be the loosers, but those who are sincere amongst them will eventually unite under the banner of al-Mahdi who will come from Madinah and will be given allegiance in Makkah, although he'd rather escape that responsibility, which rules out any of those who wish to be known as candidates for being the Mahdi. Finally, 'Isa bin Maryam, the real Christ, will return and put an end to Dajjal and his machinations.

Muslims should take the warnings about the Dajjal seriously and must note that we are living in an age where appearance and reality are opposite to each other. We should watch the "peace process" in Palestine and the military intimidation in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan with close concern. A shift to One World Government (under American UN leadership directed from Tel Aviv) might not be too far off any more. Bar coding, cable and satellite communications, computer networking, international monetary control, and endless other innovations of our times have put almost complete control at the disposal of the future head of the Dajjal system. Soon this new Messiah will draw people around the globe into a mass hypnosis for his latest fashion 'new age' cult. We must retain our critical faculties, and as always with dissent, in a dictatorial system, there is a price to be paid. Patiently holding on to one's beliefs, and acting upon them, will be like holding a burning coal in one's hands. Yet, this is bliss, as not to do so and to acquiesce into injustice and oppression out of fear of falling into the hell the Dajjal has in store for his opponents, means to deny the truth, belie humanity, and earn eternal condemnation. Worse still, to be so busy in petty pursuits and endless squabbles amongst each other, that we fail to notice altogether that we are being taken for a ride.

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